Call to Action: Supplies Needed

K-5th Grade support during teachers strike:
Supplies needed:
Kids Scissors
Print paper
Construction paper

📣 CALL TO ACTION: If anyone has any extra of the following supplies ✂️ we could use them for this coming week’s activities as part of our student support during Portland teachers strike! ✏️ It’s our way to support the teachers and students during this time of uncertainty! 💪🏽 And we can only do it with your support!

Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to volunteer with us this coming week! 🙌🏽 We have a full schedule of activities.

🍬A note about snacks: One person has offered to donate some snacks, but we will likely need more. It would be good to have individually packaged, store-bought protein snacks and nut-free options. 🧃

🥨 In terms of quantities, we anticipate to have anywhere from 10 to 30 students, but any small amount helps!

🍎IMPORTANT🍎: if you plan to help, please message us on IG or Facebook or email us, so that we can coordinate and so we know what to count on! 🙏🏽

📲And PLEASE REGISTER your kid(s) (or share the post with someone whose kids might benefit from it!) if you plan to show up so that we can be well prepared!