Volunteer Call for Fall in Love with Lents (9/29 & 9/30)

It’s finally here! Fall in Love with Lents is *THIS* *WEEKEND*!

Fall in Love with Lents is a neighborhood celebration organized by an entirely volunteer powered crew – from concept to grant writing & fundraising, to planning, execution, and finally celebration!

We could use a little more help… especially to fill our 1-hour “Capacity Monitor” volunteer spots. Events like Fall in Love with Lents require Special Events Permits issued by the Fire Marshall’s office, who review the event plans to ensure safety for everyone and define the official capacity for the venue. The Capacity Monitor role is pretty straight forward! We provide you a fancy counter, and you count the number of people who have entered (and the second volunteer counts the number of people who have exited). This allows us to know our active venue occupancy, as well as get a count of how many people participated in the event (this latter bit goes into our grant reports and helps us show participation for future event funding)!

Think you can help out? Sign up here:

Friday, 9/29 Really Free Lents Night Market at ‘Fall in Love with Lents’ & Queer Comedy After-Hours at ‘Fall in Love with Lents’ (spots available 4pm – 8pm): volunteersignup.org/TWTAW

Saturday, 9/30 East PDX Art Fest at ‘Fall in Love with Lents’ (spots available 12pm – 4pm): volunteersignup.org/7MWRM

We also have some really fun roles, including our Paparazzi volunteer shifts throughout the events! Do a IG take-over for us and donate your incredible photography & videography skills to document the second annual #FallinLovewithLents! The photo grid is a selection of beautiful images taken last year by volunteer Holly Effenberger.

Have an awesome skill you want to volunteer that doesn’t match one of these roles? Reach out to us via DM or eastpdxcollective @ gmail [dot] com and let’s connect!

Thank you for supporting this community-built event!

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